Do you wish to learn Italian for business or for a holiday?

I offer Italian lessons tailored to your needs and level (beginner, intermediate or advanced). As a translator and interpreter I have a vast knowledge of both the Italian and English language, which gives me insight into the difficulties of learning Italian for an English speaker. I can help you get started or assist you as you master this new language.

Lessons can be one-on-one or in group and are held at your office in Sydney during business hours.

Ideal for both the individual and corporate clients. The content of the course can be tailored to suit your specific needs, e.g. focusing on business or specific industry terminology. As your Italian teacher, I will also provide you with a customised bilingual glossary of technical/industry terms for future reference.

Contact me for further information and pricing.

Why choose my services

  • In-depth knowledge of both Italian and English
  • Native speaker of Italian
  • Familiarity with industry jargon and business Italian
  • Bilingual glossaries on request
Mon 17.06.2019