Italian – English Interpreting

I am a qualified conference interpreter for the English and Italian languages.

Before moving to Australia I worked as a conference interpreter for the European Union institutions. I have the skills required to work in high-level meetings, whether technical or political or business-related.

I can be the link between your organisation and your Italian counterparts.

I am also an experienced court interpreter, familiar with court proceedings and the ins and outs of the Australian legal system.

Services provided: simultaneous, consecutive, and community interpreting.

  • Simultaneous interpreting is usually required for conferences or events with multiple speakers and an audience. Interpreters work in pairs in booths, translating simultaneously.
  • Consecutive interpreting sees the interpreter taking notes and then producing an accurate translation of the original speech. Ideal for business meetings, and presentations where enough time can be allowed for the translation.
  • Community interpreting takes place within the community, in hospitals, police stations and other institutions. The interpreter listens to the speakers and provides an accurate rendition of the original speech.

Please contact me to enquire about the appropriate type of interpreting services to suit your needs.

Thu 22.08.2019