Professional translator and conference interpreter: striving for excellence

The daughter of an Italian father and an Australian mother, I grew up immersed in two cultures and two languages. As an adult I decided to make language communication my profession. I hold a degree in translation and a master’s degree in conference interpreting.

When I was based in Europe I worked as a conference interpreter for the European Commission and Parliament, translating from Dutch, French, Spanish, Portuguese and English. Currently based in Sydney, I am one of only two qualified Italian conference interpreters in the whole of Oceania. I also work regularly as a court interpreter in Sydney and beyond.

On the translation front, through the years I have studied and worked to acquire experience in the fields of medicine/pharmaceuticals, law and finance. I learnt from highly regarded professionals how to handle complex, highly technical documents to ensure an accurate rendering of the original text.

I am an accredited translator of the Italian Consulate General in Sydney.

I am NAATI* accredited at the professional level for the French, Italian and Portuguese languages and am a member of AUSIT (Australian Institute of Interpreters and Translators). I abide by the AUSIT code of ethics.

*NAATI is the National Australian Authority for Translation and Interpreting

Why choose my services

  • Qualified and experienced
  • Professional service of the highest standard
  • Accuracy and confidentiality.
  • Deal directly with the professional translating your documents: smoother communication and lower costs
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